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Pogo Connect

In the beginning when this Bluetooth stylus was in beta it was given the name 'Blue Tiger'. Now available for purchase at $79.95 you can turn your iPad into a drawing tablet. When I first heard about this product I was beyond excited because I had hoped the iPad to be more like an artist tablet rahter than a big iPod Touch. I'm happy to say that I can draw on the screen without buying those expensive touch screen computers. Manufactured by Ten One Design, the same company who make the highly popular styluses used on all iOS devices, they re- imagined the capabilities that the touch technology Apple uses limits.

To give a better understanding as to why the Pogo Connect makes such a huge difference, they had to understand the technology in which they were creating a product for. Apple's iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, etc.) are all touch screen, however it's the technology of using the static from your fingers to register a response to the device that creates limits. A static charge can not differentiate pressure or the angle the connection is making which limits drawing capabilities substantially. That's why Ten One Design used Bluetooth as a secondary connection that would allow supported apps to read the angle and pressure. Given the price I understand if people would hesitate in making the purchase, but for an artist like me it's well worth it considering what I'm able to accomplish. The video will give a much better sense of what the Pogo Connect does differently from any other stylus. Here's a picture from the video review of something I've been working on in the Procreate App.

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