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August Lootcrate

Here's the collection of goodies for August's box, some items are variances so not everyone got the same color or character. The theme this month is Heroes, appropriately so given last month's theme. The pamphlet that comes in the box giving information on the different items that came inside matches with the pamphlet from the previous month so I decided to merge them together for a complete picture coming soon. 


The fun part about this month's box is the couch Raphael is sitting on popped out and you could stand the box up


Pop! Groot Bobble head

Left arm glows in the dark



Digital Loot

Redemption codes for in-game bonuses in these games that you can find in the App Store


Ninja Turtle Sunglasses

These came in all the colors from the different characters, they ship out in random order


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurine


Attatchable lightening bolts for your shoes to make you go fast


Sonic Car Air Freshener

There are a couple of Sonic characters that could come in the crate but I was happy to get Sonic


Loot Crate

Loot Crate is a subscription based monthly package of geek and gamer awesomeness! Every month is a different theme and the crate includes various items based on the theme. This month the theme is villain. 

Inside the villain decorated box contained:


Bowser Magnet

Deadpool Socks

Joker and Harley Posters

'Joki' T-Shirt

Villian Loot Crate Pin

Loot Crate Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Comic

"Necessary Evil Super-Villains of DC Comic" DVD

and lastly, a Vader Keychain




Pogo Connect

In the beginning when this Bluetooth stylus was in beta it was given the name 'Blue Tiger'. Now available for purchase at $79.95 you can turn your iPad into a drawing tablet. When I first heard about this product I was beyond excited because I had hoped the iPad to be more like an artist tablet rahter than a big iPod Touch. I'm happy to say that I can draw on the screen without buying those expensive touch screen computers. Manufactured by Ten One Design, the same company who make the highly popular styluses used on all iOS devices, they re- imagined the capabilities that the touch technology Apple uses limits.

To give a better understanding as to why the Pogo Connect makes such a huge difference, they had to understand the technology in which they were creating a product for. Apple's iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, etc.) are all touch screen, however it's the technology of using the static from your fingers to register a response to the device that creates limits. A static charge can not differentiate pressure or the angle the connection is making which limits drawing capabilities substantially. That's why Ten One Design used Bluetooth as a secondary connection that would allow supported apps to read the angle and pressure. Given the price I understand if people would hesitate in making the purchase, but for an artist like me it's well worth it considering what I'm able to accomplish. The video will give a much better sense of what the Pogo Connect does differently from any other stylus. Here's a picture from the video review of something I've been working on in the Procreate App.


Breakdown of the 3DS

 The Front-

On the top screen we have the front facing camera in the center with the 3D screen, wider than the touch screen below. The slide on the right determines the depth of the 3D screen and in fact has the option of turning 3D off. On the left of the lower screen we have both a D-Pad and a directional pad which is highly beneficial for those who prefer the directional pad like in XBox and Playstation. Below the touch screen, the 'select' 'home' and 'start' are actual buttons you press down on, not touch sensitive. to the right of those is the power button, which I'm still getting used to from having the slide on the right in the DS Lite.

Right Side-

 There's a switch that enables you to turn on or off the wireless functionality. Directly above that is again the adjustable 3D slider. Unlike the previous generations of the DS, this one has many Wii-like functions internally as well as on the outside.

Left Side

The 3DS comes with a SD card which is the standard size, same as the ones found in digital cameras as well as the volume control to the left. 



 We have our R and L buttons which also have a camera icon next to them which will initiate the camera feature when you're on the home screen. The 3DS takes a 4.5V charge with the cable that comes with the system. The cartridge slot takes the normal DS games with the 3DS games having a slight extension on the top right corner. 



I recently i purchased the Original Vistablet with a 12.1" workspace. The surrounding the workspace is 29 squares that can be assigned to a specific action or opening of a program. The tablet is compatible with Windows XP and 200, as well as Mac OSX.

The tablet was very slim, a lot thinner than i had expected. The installation was very easy, but as far as customizing the tablet there's not much. You can assign the 29 squares that surround the workspace, but that's pretty much it. The bonus with this tablet is that there are no preset actions to the blank squares so if you accidentally touch one it won't open a random application. 
The work area is very impressive. It's formatted for computer screens which are generally more rectangular than square. The feel of the mouse is good. It does include a AAA battery, and has 3 buttons. The pen tip, which acts as the left mouse click, The lower button on the side of the pen is the left mouse double click. The higher button is the right click. Using the tablet was simple and the pen is easy to hold, doesn't cramp your hand, and the sensitivity of the pen is wonderful, you can hold the pen a little ways above the workspace and it still moves. Overall I was satisfied with what i got, the connection of the pen to the cursor onscreen is very smooth, I used the tablet as a mouse majority of the time I'm on the computer. Here's an example of some work i did using the tablet:

Pictures of the product:

The box

Instructions booklets and software CDsThe tabletThe Pen