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Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

This is the first Professor Layton game made for the 3DS. It plays like all the other games however the graphics are quite different. The characters now have movement during dialogue rather than just still images. It took me a little while to get used to the 3D figures but it does add a realism to the overall game play. In 3D mode you see depth as well as a crisper image of the characters not only in normal game play but also in the animated sequences. There's over 100 new puzzles, many which are more interactive than critical thinking as well as weekly downloads if you have internet access on your 3DS. One of the enhancements they made which I loved is a note section. On the bottom screen which is touch sensitive, you're able to have a sort of notepad to jot down memos to assist you in solving the puzzles. You can change the color for your preference or in aid to some puzzles that involve multiple colors. 

In this game we finally get to see Layton not only without his hat, but we see his mother as well. In the timeline in the Layton games this is actually a prequel to the earlier games that have been released. I particularly enjoyed this game because it gives much more back story as to Layton's past and what led him to become a professor. The story begins at a parade within the town Monte d'Or which means miracles. You're brought there because of a letter that a woman wrote to Layton asking him for help. A strange man in a mask soon ruins the parade by turning people into stone. As you explore the town you meet up with an old friend of Layton's Angela, the one who wrote the letter. They were school friends along with Randall and Henry, in the present Henry and Angela are together and Henry owns the town of Monte d'Or. Through the game you bounce from the present to the past reliving events that give an insight to a mysterious mask that the Masked Magician wears. You learn that Monte d'Or was built on top of a hidden civilization in which Randall was uncovering.  In the end the Masked Magician is revealed and the very last animated sequence reveals a progress in an underlying plot with Layton's long time rival Jean Descole who meets with a mysterious man named Bronev about the uncovered civilization of the Azran


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