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Final Fantasy VI on iPhone 

I know this may seem redundant because Final Fantasy VI has been out for many years but it's new to the iOS system. Having played the game when it first came to America as Final Fantasy III for the SNES I was excited to play one of my childhood games on my phone. The controls are like other RPGs that have come to iOS like Chrono Trigger where you drag your finger on the screen in the direction you want to move.

The battle system has a few changes to it, one I particularly love which is the automated mode. When in battle on the top left is a ▶▶ button which will not only speed up the battle time but it will repeat your last command. This goes for summons and all special moves like Blitz commands. I personally love this feature because you can quickly level up characters and the fast forward will be on for future battles until you tap to turn it off.

A couple of aspects I was particularly interested to see how it played out was most of the special commands and of course navigating the airship. From the photo gallery you can see how the developers decided to do the Blitz command which I found to be genius. Sadly I was dissapointed in the airship navigation because you can't raise or lower altitude while flying forward like you could on the SNES. I do see how it would be more difficult to program but still would have been nice. Overall I feel like I'm playing a new game with the graphics enhanced and especially with having Yoshitaka Amano draw new avatars in the game. Honestly I think that was the biggest surprise for me considering Final Fantasy VI was the last game Amano really worked on, he did do promotional drwings for the later games but was never involved much. 

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Seems to be an interesting game. I like it.
I like many other games too acheter fifa 15, acheter far cry 4 etc.

October 1, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterfind more

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