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And from the ashes comes....

Had a crazy end/beginning of the year but I'm back in action for more streaming and posting. My current project is creating the how to videos for the pokemon eye art, which was going to be recording and editing the videos but now that Twitch has a Creative outlet for streaming once I get my studio back in order I'll start streaming those. I also have a secret project that's closing in completion and should be posted by the end of February. 

In the game world I recently got a PS4 so any games you'd like to see are highly appreciated. Naturally I'm going to play FF XV otherwise I'll continue to stream Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and anything else I feel like playing.

For the 3DS I've been slaving away at Pokémon Moon and boy do I love it! This game feels like a 20th anniversary game vs a new game with all new Pokémon. A good portion of the pokedex is from Kanto and there's many mentions of Kanto including some cameos from previous games. I also really like how they went about th gyms keeping with a Hawaiian theme you don't battle anyone other than the leader and they have "challenges" involving activities (like gathering ingredients for a meal) rather than a bunch of battles. The issue I had with previous Pokemon games is that once you beat the Elite 4 it's difficult to train your team because the wild Pokemon don't get to a high enough level but because we're dealing with islands they can be at 70 with no issues of being too low level for the area. Overall the game is very enjoyable and with 88 hours in there's still more I want to do so definitely worth buying.

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