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Check Points

Check Points is a location based iphone app that rewards you for shopping. Using the GPS the app detects nearby stores that you can check into to receive points. Once you enter a store, there are a series of products you can find and also receive points. It's like a scavenger hunt in which when you find a given product, using your camera the app will scan the barcode and give you additional points. As you earn points you can redeem them for various things such as gift cards for amazon, itunes, and more. You also gain coins that can be used for slots or a lotto game which can potentially earn you more points. It makes shopping fun and enjoyable with actual rewards in return. Explore more local shopping centers and new stores to gain points every day with different products to search for. 




Red Remover


I first came across this game on Kongregate and later when I got the iphone I discovered that it was available on iOS. Don't let the cute faces confuse you with the level of difficulty that it holds. The game is physics based in the fact that if you tap on a shape to remove it, other shapes will react depending on it's relevance to the placement of the neighboring shapes. The goal of each level is to keep all the green shapes intact while also tapping on the red shapes to remove them. Each level naturally gains difficulty and there are several times I've had to mess around until I figure out how each shape will react in order to keep the green shapes. 

Green shapes are what should be left 

Light red shapes can be removed

Dark red shapes can not be removed

Blue shapes can be removed and don't count against you

There are 80 levels in the game and recently 25 more levels were added. One of the things I like most about the game is that when you've beat a level, there's also a 'par' for each level. The par number depends on the difficulty of the level and presents an additional challenge from simply beating the level in the first place. 




Jump Desktop

Jump Remote Desktop


Jump Remote Desktop by Phase Five Systems is the best remote desktop app there is. It's available for the iPad and the iPhone and available for Mac of PC. The interface and the cleanness of viewing the tools. You can remote access your computer while on the same network as the computer, on a different network, or even on 3G. It lacks the command key for macs but has every other key you would need from a computer keyboard. I use it all the time and love how quickly it connects to my computer. Naturally the connection is a little bit slower when you're using 3G but it still functions quite well. You do have to download software for your computer in order to make the connection, but the setup is simple and easy. I have gone through several different applications to remote access my computer, some of them were ok, but this one has proven to be the most efficient and reliable.