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Anime Expo

Demi•Geek has arrived at the Anime Expo at the LA Convention Center. We'll be there for all four days and have plenty to show! Stay tuned for releases of photos and interviews




From Kill3rCombo comes a RPG multiplayer that gives you the feel of a console game with the added effect of a manga. Now coming to North America, Elsword is already a hit in Korea and many parts of Europe. You can choose between three different characters, with more to come. And starting July 27th, I'll be apart of the closed beta!



 Aisha- A mage who had her magic stolen, bringing her into the adventure with her search to regain that which was lost. Her level tree can grow to be a white mage or a black mage. She focuses on AOE and long range damage. As she levels she matures and her image changes depending on which route you take. 




 Elsword- The only male character to choose at the moment. His focus is melee and has a level tree with the option to sub-spec magic. His journey takes him on a search for a special gem El that will power the kingdom of the Red Knights that he reins over. During his search he hopes to find his sister whom left on her own to lead a mission. 



Rena- The range character which focuses on agility with the possibility of going melee. Her path coincides with Elsword in regards to the powerful gem El. As an elf that lives in another world, the connection to return to her home is fading with the weakening power of the El gem. She's powerful in magic and attack but compensates with a weakness in defense


Anime Studio

We got to talk with Fahim who gave us a walkthrough of Anime Studio Pro and how easy it is to use the program. In the coming weeks I'll be posting up videos from my own experiences with Anime Studio and a full review of all the features it provides. The highlight about Anime Studio is that it combines a friendly UI with the capabilities that flash and maya give. You can create images and characters in other programs such as photoshop and upload them into Anime Studio and begin to create your own illustration video. 



Rusty Hearts



This MMO is all about the action. It has a darker tone than other games but the best part is it's free! The graphics remind one that of Street Fighter IV as well as the fighting style with various attack combos with each character. It gives both a 3D and a 2D feel with the side scroller aspect along with the individual characters being in 3D model. As of now there are three characters you can choose from; Angela, Tude, and Frantz.